Oil Paintings

Various oil paintings from different parts of the Earth.

Rajra Ampat (Eastern Indonesia beach) – for sale
Brasilian rainforest (sold)
Borneo river (sold) – by order
Amazon Andes landscape (gift to WNF)
Lowlands of Equador – for sale
Mainland Suriname (South America) – for sale
Rajra Ampat (East Indonesia) – for sale with frame
Ambonesia – for sale
Solomon islands – for sale
The Amazone in Venuzuela – for sale
Morotai (Ambonesia) – for sale
Afrikan lake Edward in the morning (south west Uganda/east Zaïre) – for sale
Equador for sale
Roraima (swamp in north Brazil) for sale
Andes mountains in Equador sold
Brazilian swamp sold
Uganda for sale
North part of Greenland for sale
Britch Guyana sold
Flying above Belgium Kongo for sale
Irian jaya for sale
Indonesia sold
Austria sold
Equador Andes mountains sold
Sunset south Amerika sold
African son sold
Hymalaya mointains for sale

Raja ampat islands (east Indonesia).


African savanna sold
Wild Irian jaya beaches for sale
Sunset Irian jaya for sale
Morotai beach Ambonesia 19Indonesia) for sale
Surinam mainland sold
Ambonesia for sale
Brazil sold
The Andes mointains and the Amazone.
Pakistan sold
Indonesia beaches.
Desert north Afrika
Equador for sale
Malaysia sold
Mexico for sale
North east Australia for sale
Venuzuela for sale
Roraima (north Brazil for sale).
Pakistan for sale
The fairy tale from the Andes mountains in south Amerika for sale
Sunset north west Irian jaya (east Indonesia) for sale.
Surinam mainland sold
One of Raja ampat beaches (east Indonesia/ n/w Irian jya
Rainforest north west part Amazone for sale (Rio Negro)

Thai Swamp for sale

The rocks from Raja ampat in Irian jaya (Indonesia).
Surinam mainland by night sold.
Andes met marantielijst 90 x90 cm 1300 euro
Equador (south Amerika).
The undiscovered tropical caves
Equador waterfalls