World trips


My Google Earth globe, searching for north east Australia.

This are the places where I have been. The countries with a yellow color are the places where I made a pitstop or stayed shorter than 24 hours.

When I have been to Suriname (I was that time 26 years), I did want to see so much countries as possible on and close to the equatorial line comparable with Suriname where my biological father is coming from.

Places where I was been. (the yellow countries are pitstops).

The most beauty full country on earth I have seen was Indonesia. I have seen there 19 islands. The country has over 17600 islands. I was been 6 month’s in Sumatra, Siberut island at the west of this big island was one of the most interesting ones. I also have seen the big islands Borneo, Sulawesie, the island group Ambonesia (included island Ternate and Morotai) and Irian jaya included the island group Raja ampat) very close to the Equador.


  1. Netherlands (all pronvinces).
  2. Germany 53 times
  3. Belgium 26 times
  4. Luxenburg 4 times
  5. French 6 times
  6. Austeria 8 times
  7. Liechtenstein 1 time
  8. Switzerland 2 times
  9. Italy 4 times
  10. Portugal 3 times
  11. Spain 1 time
  12. Slovenia 1 time
  13. Croatia 2 times
  14. Greece 1 time


  1. Turkey 1 time
  2. Thailand 5 times
  3. Malaysia 3 times
  4. Brunei 1 time
  5. Laos 1 time
  6. Indonesia 5 times (first time 6 months Sumatra).  Island Seberut, Sumatra, Jawa, Sulawesi , Bali, Lombok, Ternate and Morotai (Ambonesia) Sorong (Irian jaya) and the Raja ampat islands in north east Indonesia.


21. 3 month’s (Kenya 2 times included island Lamu)

2.2 Uganda 2 times

23. Zaïre 1 time

24. Tanzania 1 time

South Amerika

25. Surinam 3 month’

26 Britch Guiana 1 time

27. Venuzuela 2 time.

28. Trinidad 1 time

29. Equador 1 time

30. Brazil 1 time

Pulau (island) Siberut at the west of Sumatra.  One of the best island I every have seen in Indonesia. Other beautyfull islands where Pulau Morotai in Ambonesia and Raja ampat in  north west Irian jaya. Also the Phi phi island in South Thailand where very nice.